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Duration- 1 Month

No. Of Classes- 15



Ans.: We “PARAVIDHA” are working since 1944 in the field of Astrology and have served numerous clients not only of India but have won Faith & Hearts of many across whole Globe. We don’t make any false commitment and we firmly believe that we cannot change one’s Destiny but can show Light on Planetary Happenings of One’s Life and help in making their Good Times into Better and Neutralise their Bad Times.

2. What is Yog Saadhna?

Ans.: As per Ancient Vedic Astrology there are 7 (Seven) Chakras in a human body and the process of awakening all these 7 Chakras is called as Yog Saadhna.

3. How Yog Saadhna is done?

Ans.: The Seven Chakras present in a human body are directly related to the Seven Planets present in the Universe. So, a detailed Horoscope of 65 Pages is made by the name of Astro Kundli and after minutely studying it we come to a conclusion that on which particular chakra we have to Focus. Then after discussing this with our clients through Astro Call option which is absolutely Free for them in this section our expert Trainers having experience of more than 20 years in this field prepare a complete Road – Map which consists of: –

I. Which Yoga is to be done?

II. When to be done?

III. How to be done?

IV. And many other Tips and Advice to improvise.

4. What are benefits of Yog Saadhna?

Ans.: There are numerous benefits of Yog Saadhna but some which are worth mentioning are : –
I. It purifies and makes strong one’s Mind, Body & Soul.

II. It gives ultimate Divine Peace which can’t be described in words.

III. Cures acute mental Disorders.

IV. Cures Depression.

V. Cures Sleep Problems.

VI. Enhances Work Efficiency of a person.

VII. Increases your Immunity.

VIII. Increases your mental strength and helps in improving Concentration to a lot.

IX. Different Mantras are given for chanting to people as per their Astro Findings.

X. A Detailed 65 pages Kundli (Horoscope) is given free with Astro Yog of worth Rs. 1100/-.

XI. Astro Call of worth Rs. 501/- is also given free with Astro Yog.

XII. A book on Yog Saadhna is given for Free after successful completion of Training.

XIII. And many more ……….

38 reviews for YOG SADHNA

  1. Clara Willamson

    Highly recommended. Found my energy level increased.

  2. राधेश्याम पाठक

    आपका बहूत बहुत धन्यवाद। आपके मार्गदर्शन से मुझे बहुत फायदा हुआ है जिसे सिर्फ शब्दों में बयान नही किया जा सकता।

  3. Kaushik

    You made me realize true meaning of meditation, the seven chakras.

  4. Sonali

    This to me is worth getting it.
    Just excellent para vidha!!!!!!

  5. Meenakshi Roy

    You have proved that you are working in the field since 1944. Really old is gold.

  6. Anil chaudhary

    I highly recommend this service to the people who suffering from the depression or mental disorder.

  7. मनोज गोयल

    आपके सहयोग से आज मैं अवसाद से पूरी तरह मुक्त हूं. धन्यवाद.

  8. Shreyashi Ghai

    Highly recommended guys

  9. Praveen Singh


  10. Ayushman Khosla

    God bless you for such a wonderful work.

  11. संजय सिंह

    धन्यवाद, मैं आज डीप्रेशन से बाहर हूँ।

  12. Anand Kumar Singh

    Keep it up guys

  13. Mukesh Sinha

    Fantastic, I feel very much relaxed

  14. Kuhoo Kapoor

    Feeling calmness

  15. Prateek Das

    Good work.

  16. Shyam Bhumihar

    Sukriya paravidha

  17. Ruby Rose

    Very very good and thank you

  18. Shekhar Mittal

    Paravidha is best

  19. Divya Rani

    Best services sir

  20. Aman Gautam

    Super good

  21. Rashi Mahto

    Very much improvement in me

  22. Donald Walter

    Cured my sleep problem

  23. Roshan Rathee

    I am out from depression

  24. Sangeeta Das

    Feeling energetic and relaxed.

  25. Sitanshu Gaikwad

    Excellent classes

  26. Biswajeet Mohapatra

    Very good and thank you

  27. Kanika Kumari

    Fantastic Feeling.

  28. Manoj Dubey

    मैं बता नही सकता कि मुझे कितना अच्छा महसूस हो रहा है।

  29. Beena Mishra

    Extremely thank you sir

  30. Kiran

    Good experience

  31. Sam Emanuel

    Best experience I ever had.

  32. Ram Kumar


  33. Ramesh Roy

    Thank you sir I am very much delighted.

  34. Madhuri Dutt

    Very Good, I am satisfied.

  35. Aryan Kumar

    Best money I invested ever in my 15 classes.

  36. Abhijeet Subramanian

    Main apka fan hogya sir.

  37. Amardeep Anand

    Very very best experience I would highly recommend you all.

  38. Soumya Bhatt

    Thanks for giving me such a nice experience.

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