As the name itself suggests “PARAVIDHA” is one of the world’s oldest Astrology & Occult Science whose roots are as deep as back 5000 years ago.

Depending on the movement of Celestial Bodies and their exact positions numerous calculations were made by Saints in those times which are found now to be true after many researches and Scientific Observations done.

Depending on these calculations different predictions or rather we should say observations are find out that when a person will be in good time and when he will be going through his rough phase of life. Apart from this we can also know about his past.

Seeing all this happenings we sketch ones planetary findings in the form of report which is worldwide known as “HOROSCOPE” and here we play legendary role as we are serving people across globe “SINCE 1944”.




Horoscope of a person is the Blue Print of his/her life whose predictions totally depends on the calculation of Movement of Stars, Planets and Satellites. Based on these precise and very accurate calculations we forecast all the happenings of a person’s life journey covering Career, Health, Marriage, Properties, and each & every very minute details of his/her ups and downs of their Life.


There are times when one is puzzled/disturbed/terrified on the happenings in one’s life related to Marriage, Career, Health, Wealth, Asset, Love-Life etc . In such situations get the answer of such Questions in this section through ASK A QUESTION. Depending on the Astro findings we provide our best Astro – Solutions.


We “PARAVIDHA” are working since 1944 in the field of Astrology and have served numerous clients not only of India but have won Faith & Hearts of many across whole Globe. We don’t make any false commitment and we firmly believe that we cannot change one’s Destiny but can show Light on Planetary Happenings of One’s Life and help in making their Good Times into Better and Neutralise their Bad Times.


It is an Ancient Vedic Knowledge of South India which is almost extinct and is now in very few hands. We have preserved this knowledge for Years and after doing research on it have found that in everyone’s span of 24 Hours of a Day, there are some period of Time which are Good, some are Bad, some are Worst and rest are General for them. We identify such period of Time and tell it to our clients that when on a particular Day they should start any Good Work and when they should be cautious to avoid or minimise the Loss or Casualty.


It’s an old saying that “Marriages are made in Heaven” which really is very true. For making successful marriages Match Making is done in which horoscope of both boy and girl are matched and are seen that how many Qualities(Gun) of both are matching, whether they will have any problem in having children after marriage or not, or whether anyone is Manglik or not, etc... so that they can lead a Happy Married Life.


Every Number (1-9) has its own significance in the field of Astrology as each Number denotes a particular Planet (As in Astrology there are 9 Planets). Based on the calculations of Name Number and Birth Number we predict the happenings which one will go through his Life Span. Also according to it we advise our clients about the preventive measures to be taken during their Low Tide of Life and how your Good Times should be harnessed to yield more Success and Happiness in your Life.



Belonging to a Hindu family I was taught from the very beginning that whenever I meet elders(relatives, teachers, grandparents etc.) I must touch their feet to get their “blessings”. This is a tradition of blessing by elders when they greet someone younger in age or rank.And as I am atheist I pray to God for getting “blessings”.I have been using the word “blessings”till now. But what is the actual meaning of the word “blessings”.