As the name itself suggests “PARAVIDHA” is one of the world’s oldest Astrology & Occult Science whose roots are as deep as back 5000 years ago.

Depending on the movement of Celestial Bodies and their exact positions numerous calculations were made by Saints in those times which are found now to be true after many researches and Scientific Observations done.

Depending on these calculations different predictions or rather we should say observations are find out that when a person will be in good time and when he will be going through his rough phase of life. Apart from this we can also know about his past.

Seeing all this happenings we sketch ones planetary findings in the form of report which is worldwide known as “HORROSCOPE” and here we play legendary role as we are serving people across globe “SINCE 1944”.
OUR MOTTO – To serve people globally by letting them to know about their Good Times in which they can give momentum to their Life and about their Bad Times in which they can take precautions and do the needful to better it.

OUR BELIEF – We Astrologers are not GOD who can change your Life but are TORCH BEARERS who enlightens your journey of Life.

Why Us

Since 1944

Working in the field of astrology since 1944.

Not a computer generated horoscope.

The horoscope is given in a typed format by our experts, not by the computer.

Point to point consultancy

We focus on point to point consultancy rather than giving unnecessary details.

Ancient astrology

We use ancient astrological way to deal with the problems.

Unmatched experts

Experts currently working for more than 2-3 decades.

Quality content

Uncomparable quality content in the field of astrology.