An Emotional Mind – “Subconscious Mind”

By – Praharsh Mishra

What if you meet a person who obeys your commands without interrogating you? Probably you will take the advantage of that person and then for everything you will command him. But if I say that we don’t need a person like this, we have something like a genie whose powers are beyond our imagination. You all will get into a moment of awestruck. That something like a genie is none other than our subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind acts like a data bank which stores trillions of data. It does not act logically. It obeys the commands given by the conscious mind. Now the conscious mind is the mind that helps a person to take decisions logically .The conscious mind acts like a barrier between a person’s command and the subconscious mind .If the conscious mind gives command to the subconscious mind it acts blindly. For example: if the conscious mind says that make him rich then the subconscious mind finds the various ways in which the person can become rich, without taking into consideration of the person’s current situation.

They say that fit all the things you desire in your subconscious mind and then you get it. But that’s completely the wrong way. There is a missing link here. The only way is to trick your conscious mind for giving commands to the subconscious mind. It can be done by visualizing, implementing and affirmation. In others words you have to live like the way you want to see yourself. Let us say that you want to become the best singer then you have to behave like the best singer, you have to visualize yourself in that way.

But it has a positive as well as a negative impact. The positive we have already discussed. So for the negative impact here is an example for a better understanding. Suppose you have prepared the best for your exams and before entering the exam hall you notice that you have missed something to prepare. Others also tell that you that you have missed the most important one. Then you continuously tell your conscious mind that I will perform badly and this thing is sent to your subconscious mind. Now the subconscious mind as you know is an emotional mind brings all the possibilities that you perform badly.

Why betrayal from someone makes you feel low or why you say that you have lost hope or someone cheated you? The simple answer is that you are the only one responsible for this. You continuously give commands to your conscious mind that he/she betrayed me or cheated me or I have lost my hope. This message is sent to the subconscious mind and as you know that it is an emotional mind it brings all the possibilities so that you believe completely to your commands. This starts the beginning of your depression or sadness. So whenever you feel like this just say and believe continuously that no one betrayed me, I have not lost my hope or he/she has not cheated me. And as you know that after your continuous repetition your message will be given to your sub conscious mind by your conscious mind. Hence, it will now act in a positive way.

The final conclusion which I have found is that our subconscious mind is just an emotional fool and it lives in a house (brain) guarded by a gatekeeper (conscious mind) who lets you go after your continuous repetition of asking you to go inside (which are in the form of your commands).So it totally depends on you that how you trick your gatekeeper (conscious mind) in order to fulfill your desires.

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