Aura – “ A luminous subtle body”

By – Praharsh Mishra

A few feet’s away from me a man was standing in a party and by looking at him just once I formed an image that probably he is a very hard working and calm person. I don’t know what made me form a sudden picture of him this way. Luckily that person was a CID officer and as we know that CID officers are really very hard working. As time passed I came to know that I actually stepped in an aura which the CID officer was operating. Aura is generally a form of energy radiated by a human, animal, bird, place or even by a house. Everyone and everything do have an aura.

We all have came across a moment in our life times when a person who is unknown to us and without talking to that person we form an image of him/her to be calm, arrogant, nice, selfish etc. Auras help us to form that image through energy radiation. Let us take an example that you have gone to your school and a teacher enters your classroom and the teacher has not said a single word. Have you not said it for once to your friend that the teacher’s mood is angry or he is very happy? It is pretty obvious that you have done this. Auras cannot be seen through our naked eyes, you must have a Kirlian camera to see an aura. A clairvoyant person can see an aura without a Kirlian camera.

You can say that aura is a subtle luminous body. Some times you say that I very well know that person. But how? Actually you don’t know or understand that person, you understand his aura. You are tapping into the frequency that person is operating on. If you are not an atheist then for sure you have gone to a temple, church or mosque. When you go there you feel very nice and you sense the positive vibe. That positivity is due to the aura of that holy place. Why it is difficult for you to forget a person or place? It is actually due to aura of that person or that place. It is not that the person was amazing or that place was amazing.

The difference between the aura of a normal person and a great saint is that the aura of a normal person is up to certain feet’s but the aura of saints cannot be just measured in feet’s. And that is the main reason behind their strong faith and everlasting impact. But there are people who have a devil mind and that is the reason we don’t want to meet them or interact with them. They don’t possess a good aura. It is not so that auras cannot be purified. They can easily purify their auras through their good deeds, meditation etc. Auras have seven layers all possessing their own colour.

A very common question that we ask why to respect elders or why not to fight with anyone unnecessarily? Not because the elders have more age than us or because of their experience. It is said because that when you don’t respect them or fight with anyone unnecessarily, you yourself create a negative vibe which effects your aura as well as aura of the house. They say that when you offer something to a poor you get blessed but I think that when you get that blessing your aura gets amplified and then people call you that you have a large heart and you are doing a saintly deed.

Auras do determine the personality of an individual. It determines a normal person from a saint. It is a form of energy that does not make it’s presence physically but can be felt. It is the reflection of your state of being. I don’t believe in memories of a person or a place because I believe in their auras. The main conclusion drawn by me is that “Like liquids take the shape of the container or takes the colour you give to it in the same way auras can be amplified day by day, hour by hour by you.”

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