Déjà Vu – A Blip of the Brain

Déjà Vu – A Blip of the Brain

By – Praharsh Mishra

Talking in a literal way Déjà Vu describes itself as “already seen”. You can call it in a way in which your phone is trying to correct a word by using autocorrect feature even if you are trying to use a new word. It sparks a vague of familiarity in your mind. It is like when you go to a place and you get an odd feeling that all the things, people surrounding you seems familiar to you although they are new to you. I just call it a temporary hiccup.

Deja Vu is nothing but trying to remember a dream that is slipping away. You may also call it a memory mismatch. Some call it as a mental disease but in my sense it is just a state of mind. There are lots of people who have made a deep study on this but they are yet to explore more things about it. We may relate it in a way that before going to bed we think many things which are related to our day to day activities and then that thought gets stored in our sub conscious mind. So when we go to or experience a familiar thing we get the “blip of the brain”. One of the most famous theory which states that time is just an illusion and we live in past, present and future simultaneously (GLITCH THEORY). Déjà Vu gives us a break from this illusion. Many call rebirths as one of the reasons while some call parallel universe to be the reason.

Researchers say that it is commonly seen between the ages of 15-25. I think this happens commonly between these ages because our brain works very fast. Déjà Vu dissociates memory from our reality. It has different meaning for different people or you may call it as it depends on the eye of the observer. Then my eye of observation draws a conclusion that it is nothing but the working of our conscious and sub-conscious mind together and trying to rule on one another.

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