Dreams- A Prediction or An Imagination?

By- Praharsh Mishra

Lincoln was warned of his assassination in a dream, but choose to ignore it. In the same, during World War 1 Hitler claimed that he was warned by a dream to get up and leave the bunker where he was sleeping, he did so, and the bunker was completely destroyed by an incoming shell. Now you will wonder that why am I telling you about the dreams of Lincoln and Hitler? Well these are told by me to you all for showing that dreams have a predictive aspect too. Most of the night we dream but after waking up in the morning we have a blur memory of that dream. Even if we try hard to remember our dreams it is really difficult to decide which ones are predictive or imaginative. It gives us a challenge to understand the true meaning of the dream we saw. But there are some who writes their dream on a piece of paper so that they do remember their dream and understand it’s true meaning.


Perhaps we only sleep to dream. Now you will be eager to know the cause of dreams. Aren’t you? Basically there are two types of sleep REM (Rapid Eye Movement) and NREM(No Rapid Eye Movement). During REM there is increase in the blood pressure, movements of eyeballs beneath the eyelids of that individual. But during NREM the individual has fewer body movements, no rapid eye movement regular breathing. Every night we humans alternate between these two. If one says that he/she dreamed last night then he/she was woken from REM sleep. During NREM one hardly do so.

Dreaming is regarded as a strange, mystical activity. It is an ancient belief of dreams foretelling future. Don’t make a perception that India has only this belief. Even ancient Greek and Roman literature are full of references to dreams. Bible also considers it. The most famous one is the dream of Jacob- a ladder set up between Earth and Heaven. Yet there are certain techniques to be learnt for recording, classifying and de-symbolizing them as details fade away after waking up. Researches claim that till breakfast we only have dim outlines of the dream we saw last night.

Many dreams are not predictive. For example if the bed is warm you may dream of sweltering under the hot desert sun. While we are sleeping our brains are active and process, consolidates memories. And this is the reason behind the nightmares of the night owls. You may even call dream as an overnight therapy. Now different dreams have different meanings, such as:

√ Lakes or Water- represents our emotions.
√ Pillar- represents support.
√ Recurring dreams- To get your attention towards a specific thing.
√ Flying- represents imminent success or rising above mundane annoyances.

Well there are many such examples which will take another hundreds of words to explain it. But the most important thing is not to interpret all the dreams literally.

I don’t only see the sleeping aspect of dreams. But I see three aspects currently. The first one is the dream we see when we sleep, the second one is the dream which we see when we are consciously aware(Lucid Dreams) and the third one are the dreams we want to achieve, the dreams we all have seen since childhood and still seeing. So it’s better to accomplish your dreams. Now what I personally fell that when we go to bed and close our eyes, several thoughts arises. The things we did today or the things we did earlier. This is sent to your subconscious and if you are seeing dreams after this then it is your thoughts that have been modified or not modified. One day we will also get to know why we get predictive dreams(Precognitive Dreams). What you should take away from dreams according to me is that dreams are reflection of your state of mind, worries, hopes, emotions may be for future or for the present time.

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