• Removes any kind of dosh.

• Gives courage and motivation to a person.

• Done to conquer over the enemies and gain health.

• Regular recitation for 9 days or nav rathras gives logical, calculative, presence of mind and health related strengths.

• Rejuvenates cerebral nerves and blood vessels.

• Brings positive energy.

• Inculcates discipline in any task.

• Helpful in clear pronunciation of words i.e improves waak shakti.

• Makes a person fearless.

Why Us

Since 1944

Working in the field of astrology since 1944.

Not a computer generated horoscope.

The horoscope is given in a typed format by our experts, not by the computer.

Point to point consultancy

We focus on point to point consultancy rather than giving unnecessary details.

Ancient astrology

We use ancient astrological way to deal with the problems.

Unmatched experts

Experts currently working for more than 2-3 decades.

Quality content

Uncomparable quality content in the field of astrology.