Intuition-“The Second You.”

By- Praharsh Mishra

A star that deep shone in the deep thought of fog, flashed and disappeared. Intuition arises from the heights of spiritual waves. There is no logic, sophistication or show cause. Take it easy when you know the right reason, then feelings will spontaneously evaporate.Intuition is the sense of knowing things before we know them and cannot explain the reason behind it. Let me take you back to 1914. It was the time when Henry Ford faced falling demand for his cars and high worker turnover. Everyone was eager that what would be his next step. So he took a step which made other industrialists go pale, he doubled his employees wages. Sounds crazy? Within a year the productivity doubled and demand for Ford cars boomed because the workers were now available to buy the products they were making. Probably this was his intuition, a gut feeling for taking such a big decision.

व्यापार में हो रहा हो नुकसान या विवाह में हो रही हो देरी , कैरियर का जानना हो हाल या स्वास्थ्य की हो परेशानी !!
पाएं अपने सवालों का सटीक जवाब।

Everyone experiences gut feeling while taking decisions related to personal matters, safety, business.We cannot deny from the fact that our brain cannot access the information within nanoseconds. But intuition kicks out that feeling from your mind without any intention or thought. Intuition really knows what you truly want. The only thing is to have the courage to follow it. Courage to follow not only your intuition but your heart also. Because some of the voice or feeling you hear may be fear of your inner speaking.But the thing is how to understand or differentiate between intuition and fear speaking. For this you need to scan your body. For example you want to purchase something expensive be it car, jewellery, house etc. Say these words that I want to buy this. Now scan your body. Do you feel positivity or excitement? If yes then go for it. Now many of you will say that I don’t get any positivity or negativity so in that case think rationally.


हस्तलिखित जन्मकुंडली, सटीक फलादेश एवं फोन पर आपके सभी सवालों के जवाब।

They say that the greatest entrepreneurs follow their gut, their intuitive instincts.A gut feeling of investing in a little online start-up and later it becomes Google. Crazy?  If I speak scientifically then when something is unusual then our brain squirts dopamine. This is the reason that at times you feel that I am in danger because something unusual is happening around you at that time.

Intuitions can be both good and bad. But how to know that which are good ones and bad ones. The simple answer to this question is ‘signs.’ There are two types of signs given to us by our brain-good signs and bad signs. Good signs include relaxation in the gut and shoulder, clarity in hearing or vision,you can breathe easily. Bad signs include fatigue, icy cold hands, high alertness.

Many of you will raise a question that you are talking about sixth sense not intuition or it is very similar to the sixth sense. But let me clear it to you that intuition is the voice of sixth sense, it is the second you. Understand it in this way that sixth sense is controlled by your subconscious mind and intuition is controlled by your sixth sense. If sixth sense is the voice of your subconscious mind then intuition is the voice of your sixth sense.

Intuition is knowing things without interference. It is like a sentence suddenly flashing in your mind with a strong feeling. There is a lot of information in your subconscious mind which will suddenly come up bubbling. Thoughts come in your brain and you cannot access control over their origin. They come from where you allow them to come. The brain gets tuned to a single thing until and unless you break the thought of chain yourself. What you can get from all the explanation is that intuition is a subtle knowing not a supernatural knowing.

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