Karma – “ The Law Of Consequences.”

By – Praharsh Mishra

कर्तुरीप्सिततमं कर्म !!

-कर्ता अपनी क्रियासिद्धि में जिसे बहुत अधिक चाहता हो, उसे “कर्म” कहते हैं।

The above words are only good to you when you consider it a practical one. If you talk in a literal way ‛Karma’ means an action or a deed. But if you consider it in the spiritual aspect then it means that karma is something in which intent and actions of an individual influences the future of that individual. They say that a good deed contribute towards good karma while a bad deed contribute towards bad karma. But I say that the intention of the actor too matters. If one does a good deed but his intention is not good then that deed gets contributed towards bad karma. It is not so that only a single religion i.e. Hinduism talks about karma but Buddhism, Jainism, Christianity also talks about karma. In Christianity they say that “One reaps what one sows.” I personally think that if we show goodness, we will reap goodness. Don’t you feel the positive vibe when you do a good deed? I can sense the positive vibe though when I do a good deed.


No! Karma is not a bitch. In modern world we hear that karma is a bitch. But I totally disagree with this because according to me karma is only a bitch if you are too. If you will do a good deed then why will karma take revenge from you? It follows a very simple rule that what goes around comes around. I would rather classify karma as an ethical law or an ethical theory. A person creates a karma whenever he/she does an intent― good or bad.

Karma is unbiased. It does not look at a person’s background, looks, colour, caste, creed, gender before giving back the fruits of action. Even if we consider the sayings of Lord Krishna from Bhagvad Geeta, Chapter 2, Verse 47 which are ‛You have a right to perform your prescribed duty, but you are not entitled to the fruits of action. Never consider yourself to be the cause of the results of your activities, and never be attached to not doing your duty.’ For example you want to be one of the most famous, successfully, wealthiest person and you are giving your best for that. You are sacrificing all your joys and totally concentrating on your work but somehow you fail. So it is not that you will give up because you failed, you will try it again, maybe something better than this is waiting for you. You are not the one to decide the fruits of your actions.

I personally imagine karma as a balance sheet of ones actions. Good Karma in one column and Bad Karma in the other column. Suppose the column of good karma has more points than bad karma. If that person performs a bad karma then that good karma will cancel that bad karma. Just as the company of a good person tries to make a bad person better. Ever wondered why in your family your family members say that definitely I would have done something bad in my past life that is why now I am suffering from this much trouble and pain.

Some people associate that the trouble or pain they are going through is the reason of their bad deeds in their past life. So for those people I would like to ask a question that the person who suffered from unjust act, betrayal, rape should leave the people behind them or seek justice? If karma only does everything then it is useless to learn new things. Do you agree with this? Please don’t say yes. You cannot leave everything to karma. Your only duty is to perform a karma. Is karma from the past life the reason or failure? You must take the responsibility of the things you do.

How can one blame their current situation because of their karma? They must understand that may be something they have missed or something better is there. If you get good fruits of action then you say that it is because of me but if you get bad fruits of action then you say that it is because of karma. Please stop this blame game. The best thing is to live in the present and currently do the best deeds one can do. It is the law of consequences, the law of cause and effect.Karma does it’s job at a very deep level. It understands each and everything.

I see karma playing two roles. One as the role of giving fruits to the actor and one as the action of the actor. So you can easily see the double role of karma. It depends on a person that whether he believes in karma or not because just not believing on the vastness of the ocean will not prevent you from drowning. You have to fit in your mind that for a good intent you will reap goodness and for a bad intent you will not reap goodness. What you give you get the same back.

Now this law without an ethical premise would be a pure casual discussion. So this is something which you have to get it. Why do you think some people simply do good deeds by helping the poor? Most do to get name and fame. They just want to get praised by everyone. But there are some who do good deeds in such a way that their left hand do not know the thing done by the right hand. Whom do you think will get benefitted from karma?

Nothing happens by chance, fate. You create your own fate by your actions. I think you will understand the thing you did to someone, only when the same thing will happen to you. How people treat you is their karma, how you react is your karma. Thus, karma in ones life is like a restaurant where you get served what you deserve.

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