It is an Ancient Vedic Knowledge of South India which is almost extinct and is now in very few hands. We have preserved this knowledge for Years and after doing research on it have found that in everyone’s span of 24 Hours of a Day, there are some period of Time which are Good, some are Bad, some are Worst and rest are General for them. We identify such period of Time and tell it to our clients that when on a particular Day they should start any Good Work and when they should be cautious to avoid or minimise the Loss or Casualty. To avail this Facility Register Here.

Why Us

Since 1944

Working in the field of astrology since 1944.

Not a computer generated horoscope.

The horoscope is given in a typed format by our experts, not by the computer.

Point to point consultancy

We focus on point to point consultancy rather than giving unnecessary details.

Ancient astrology

We use ancient astrological way to deal with the problems.

Unmatched experts

Experts currently working for more than 2-3 decades.

Quality content

Uncomparable quality content in the field of astrology.