• Holy bath for appeasing and seeking divine blessings from Lord Shiva.

• Creates positive energy and removes negative vibes.

• Nature flourishes and becomes happy and joyfull.

• Removes all evils, betterment in marital life, for all round prosperity and peace.

•Betterment in job, health and helps to overcome financial troubles.

•Monday is more preferable as monday is the day of moon and moon & mind are connected.


1. Dudh Abhishek : Gives longevity to a person.

2. Rudrabhishek Jal Abhishek : For fulfillment of a person’s desire.

3. Shahad Abhishek : Provides a happy life.

4. Ghee Abhishek : To be free from physical problems and illness.

5. Dahi Abhishek : Brings parenthood to a childless couple.

6. Panchamrit Abhishek : Includes milk, curd, honey, sugar, ghee to bring prosperity.