Siddhi-A supernatural occurrence or a natural occurrence?

By- Praharsh Mishra

What word do you use when one or more than one task of yours is completed? The most obvious answer to this question by you would be accomplishment, fulfilment. It is very easy to say these words but the person who has completed it actually knows the journey of that task. Let us consider an example where a person who used to sell newspapers became one of the greatest scientists in the world and that person was none other than Dr. Kalam. Now it looks very nice when we see him as a very successful person but he only knew that how much hindrances were during his journey. Each day he fought to accomplish his task.


The journey to the road of siddhi or success has many jerking’s, stops, traffic police officers, restaurants, parks, clubs. The jerking’s, stops, traffic officers are hindrances but on the other hand the restaurants, parks, clubs are the medium of deviation. A person has a tendency to get more deviated than to constantly move towards the destination. And the one who constantly moves facing the obstacles, without getting deviated gets siddhi or success. There is a difference between achievers of siddhi and non-achievers of siddhi. The achievers of siddhi decides the way of going and facing the obstacles. But the non-achievers of siddhi just moves without any planning’s. Try it to associate it with a policeman shooting his bullets without seeing the criminals, terrorists.

Dedication towards the goal to get siddhi plays a very important role. If the person is very casual towards the accomplishment of his goals then how he will be self motivated to achieve siddhi. These are very important ones to get siddhi. One must try to bring perfection to his efforts to get siddhi. If I ask you that why you want to get siddhi or success? You will say to complete the desires that are stored in our mind, to get name and fame. Here is a selfish mind involved and yes we all are selfish. But here comes a difference where a person who is not selfish gets siddhi. And that person is a true saint.

The siddhi which a saint is bestowed is very different from the siddhi a normal person gets. The siddhi of a saint is related to supernatural powers, magical powers which is earned by him through yogic advancements(yoga, meditation). If I say that a person who gets siddhi can walk on water, fly through the air, dive into the ground then it might get you into a situation of weirdness. But there are numerous things whose answers are not given by science.

The mystical siddhi is achieved when a person changes one element, such as earth into other element, such as air. They make such things happen by mastering ‛Kasina’ meditation. Kasina refers to the class of visual objects of meditation in Theravada Buddhism. Theravada is the most commonly accepted names of Buddhism’s oldest existing school. The objects are describe in the Pali Canon(standard collection of scriptures in Theravada Buddhism) which are earth, fire, air, water etc.

Siddhi’ are of eight different kinds, popularly known as ‘Ashta Siddhis’. The ‘Anima Siddhi’ gives the ability to become smaller than the smallest while the ‘Mahima Siddhi’ gives the ability to become infinitely large. ‘Prapti Siddhi’ can make you present at anywhere at your will. ‘Prakyma Siddhi’ makes you realize or achieve what you desire. ‘Garima Siddhi’ makes you infinitely heavy. One can even become lighter than air from ‛Laghima Siddhi’. To know all the powers and getting a control over them is called ‘Ishita Siddhi’. ‘Vashita Siddhi’ is the ability of getting a control over life and death.

The characteristics of a siddha person includes a peaceful aura, virility, persuasion, sensory control and the most important one communion with the divine. These are the qualities that a siddha person gets. Siddhi’s are actually extraordinary powers of the soul. But one must be consistent in his/her meditation and yogic sadhnas to achieve siddhi. Things like becoming free from the pain of ignorance, experiencing bliss is achieved. If we talk of Hinduism then Lord Ganesha, Lord Hanuman, Lord Narayana, various forms of Devi’s and other deity’s are popularly seen as the keepers of siddhi. They are the ones to grant the siddhi’s to the worshipper.

Thus we found that siddhi’s have two faces, one is the success a person achieves and the other is the supernatural siddhi which a saint possess. This is a difference of siddhi between the success bearer of siddhi and mystical bearer of siddhi. The person who has mystical siddhi is the one who creates miracles and then we say that miraculous things happened in front of my eyes. So, behind the miracle is the siddhi of that person. It depends on a viewer for choosing siddhi in terms of success(natural) or in terms of supernatural. But on a personal level both the aspects are fully valid and appropriate.

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