Subtle Body-“Reflection of your soul.”

By- Praharsh Mishra

You all work. Isn’t it? Now this work can be anything like singing, dancing or even doing some sort of activities. But have you ever wondered that who is making you work? Who is telling you to sing, dance or study? Let me take an example that you are continuously talking and people around you get irritated. They ask you to keep quiet. You keep your mouth shut for few moments but after that few moments you again start talking. You could not stop yourself from talking. Who made you not to obey the people around you? Why couldn’t you stop yourself from talking? The answer of all the questions asked till now is the subtle body. It is the subtle body who makes you to do a work(singing, dancing, playing etc.). You are always under the commands given by your subtle body.Actually the physical body is the body which you see from your birth. Inside the physical body exists subtle body.

Subtle body is the boss of your physical body. If you want to sing, eat, play, dance or do other sort of activities then it is not you who want to do these things. It is your subtle body who wants to do such things. You are under the control of your subtle body for 24×7 until your subtle body leaves your physical body. This is what we call death of physical body.

But to understand the subtle body you must understand your own physical body. What is in the base of your physical body? Your soul is the base of your body. So what is a soul? Soul is nothing but Chaitanya. Chaitanya is the most purest form of energy.Reflection of Chaitanya is ‛Chetna’. This ‛Chetna’may be called the subtle body. According to spirituality ‛Chetna’ means  feeling of your own existence. The existence which makes you realize to do something. Soul is dimensionless. It has no shape, no size.

Subtle body acts as a bridge connecting mind and spirituality.Physical body consists of all organs. You must be eager to ask that what does a subtle body consist? A subtle body may consist of the seven chakras(Focal point)connected by nadis(Channels) that convey subtle breath(Prana or Vayu). It is a body focussed between  navel and brain.

All the worldly works are done by the physical body which is under the control of subtle body. But still the physical body has to go through all the worldly sorrows, sufferings. It is not so that the physical body gets only sorrows or sufferings. There are happy moments of a person which is experienced by the subtle body. The most common difference between the physical body and subtle body is that a physical body gets destroyed but a subtle body does not get destroyed.

If a person masters the subtlest level then he also gains mastery over his physical body. But how to master it? It can be mastered through meditation, yogic exercises. In Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism subtle body is considered important. Other spiritual tradition teaches about mystical body or divine body. Subtle body is an immortal body.According to the Indian belief a practitioner may direct the subtle breath( Prana or Vayu) to achieve supernatural powers, immortality. So all you can get is that the difference between you and a great saint is that they cancontrol their subtle body, they give commands to subtle body but on the other handsubtle body is controlling you, it is giving  you commands to do something. So it totally depends on you that what you want? And if you get control over your subtle body then let me tell you that you will be master of your own mind, you will be able to do anything

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  1. excellent publіsh, very informative. I’m wondеring why
    thе other experts of tһis sect᧐r don’t realize thіs.
    You must proсeed your writing. I’m confident, you have a
    huge readers’ base already!

  2. I have read quite a lot about subconscious mind and it’s working principles and still this one added some dimension to it. Keep up the good work. 💕

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