The Sixth Sense – “ An Eerie Sensation”

By – Praharsh Mishra


A lady was driving her car in a highway. She was late for the meeting and to attend the meeting as soon as possible she was driving with the maximum speed she could. After travelling for 10 km she came face to face with a moment in which she started to feel a sudden negative vibe. She explains this a very odd and strange feeling of negative vibe. She was feeling in a way that her mind is telling her not to drive fast and stop for a while. She listened to her mind and stopped. Within a fraction of seconds a car that was behind her overtook her car and met with an accident. Actually that car dashed with the truck’s goods that fell from the cargo bed. She then took a sigh of relief. What can be the reason behind that strange negative vibe? It cannot be a mere coincidence.

I think we all at least once in our life times have experienced a strange positive or negative vibe that strikes us suddenly. That vibe either saves us from danger or gives us the sense of something good to happen. Well many claim that such vibes are given to us by our sixth sense. Although these are also claimed to be anecdotal evidences. Our sixth sense provides us power that are beyond the powers of our five senses and helps us to perceive information in the form of hunches or intuition. We all are familiar with a very popular name ‘ Nostradamus’ who through his poetic quatrains predicted future. Was it his guess about the future? If yes than let me clear it to you that the ‘Death of King Henry ।।’ or ‘ The Great Fire Of London’ were all predicted by him through his poetic quatrains. Now please don’t call it just an extraordinary coincidence.

After reading such events did your interest piqued? My interest piqued when I got to know such things. You can imagine your subconscious mind to be the boss of your sixth sense. Yes! It is the subconscious mind that controls the sixth sense. For a very active sixth sense your mind must be calm and concentrated most of the time. I think this to be the reason behind the predictions of all the great saints or Nostradamus. They very well knew to control their mind.

Scientifically our sixth sense is termed as an ‘Extra Sensory Perception’ . It gives us an eerie sensation of knowing something by instinct. I call them as tiny visual clues foretelling future. When our sixth sense becomes active we become intuitively aware of some forthcoming events. Have you seen birds flying in a row together? They easily do so because their sixth sense gets connected. I just remember an incident in which the dogs moved away from my colony and even birds flew. This had never happened. But after few hours we all experienced an earthquake and as the earthquake was over they came back. I was really amazed by their activity and then I googled it. The internet claimed that animals or birds come to know about such events through their ‘Extra Sensory Perception’ or sixth sense. Most of us have heard from our parents or grandparents that when dog cries in a very painful manner it is not a good sign. But this cannot be always true. Dogs can even cry when they are very hungry or feeling pain. This may not be the sign of their sixth sense and just a myth.

Probably one day we will come to a final conclusion and this mystery will get unfolded. There are people who modify some events and tell their mind that something good or bad is going to happen and that never happens. Till now I have came to a conclusion that there is a sixth sense which perceives information in the form of vision about future events and when these things happen then we say ‘ My Sixth Sense Worked’.

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