The Zero State Of Mind– “A Subtle Nuisance”

By – Praharsh Mishra

Are you an aesthetic? Well I am an aesthetic and belonging to a Hindu family I go to temples. As I enter the temple and ring the temples bell the strong vibration of the bell removes each and every thought from my mind. Probably you must have experienced this and if not try it once. Now when thoughts were removed from my mind I had no thoughts and for a few seconds I got a glimpse of zero state of mind. Basically the zero state of mind is the state of mind when no thoughts come to your mind. All your thoughts are emptied by your own mind. In zero state of mind all the negative elements like ego, hatred, guilt, shame, judgement do not exist. It emits positive energy with a high frequency.

But as per the heading I have called the zero state of mind as a subtle nuisance. Yes! It is a subtle nuisance because it is equal to impossible to stop thinking. They say if humans achieve zero state of mind they will loose thinking power but it is the thinking power which makes human a human and animal an animal. The zero state of mind does not mean lack of thoughts but it is it’s neutralness. Is zero the smallest number? The answer is simply no. Then why we all are confusing zero with lack of thoughts. Every person possess a positive as well as a negative thought. And negative thoughts create hindrances in your path. If somehow this negative thought is removed then your hindrance will also be removed. So when one achieves zero state of mind the negative thoughts are removed. Your zero state of mind has only intentions but no desires. It teaches us to be balanced in every aspect and helps to think good for us.

Some real saints achieve this state. Don’t you find them to possess a magnetic personality ? When one achieves it he feels a life of no resistance. But the biggest question is how to achieve it ? To stop your restlessness, inner conflicts, arriving on conclusion immediately with your own are the main keys to achieve it. The method used is yoga and meditation. It even helps you to program your subconscious mind. You can also get rid of your bad habits. Actually it gives you the power of self hypnosis which is auto suggesting yourself as bad habits are deeply rooted in our mind.

When you close your eyes for meditation several thoughts arises which are either positive or negative. Neither your mind is wrong nor your thinking is wrong. Your every step to stop thinking will create a resistance and you will experience a war between your mind and your thoughts. But it is your thoughts who will win. So the simple solution is allow your thoughts completely to its freedom. Do not try to resist with the help of your mind. It boosts your energy and helps you to get rid of mental tension, frustration, depression.

You can only look into something deep when you look it with respect and love. The more you observe the more you become aware and then you will start seeing the gaps between your thoughts. And this gap is where you will get the first glimpse of zero state of mind. You will witness joy but do not get attached to it as again you will start thinking. When your capacity increases your capacity to retain gaps for a longer period also increases. Slowly big intervals will come. When you are into it the screen of thoughts on your mind will be no more. Gaps will occur simultaneously, you cannot force them or buy them.

At last I just want to conclude that “ Your body dies, not your mind, it is the mind which leaves the body and enters another womb.”

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