Time Travel

By- Praharsh Mishra

In 1995, a match was played between famous boxer Mike Tyson and Peter McNeeley. This match was a normal boxing match but after the match when its footage was being watched, everyone saw something strange in it. It was clearly visible in the footage of the match that a man was taking pictures of Tyson from a device like a smartphone, whereas at that time it was difficult to imagine smartphones other than very large and antenna phones. This footage was investigated but nothing was found. So was this the case of time travel? Was it so that a person from the future travelled back in time?

If you want to define time then time is a combination of events in the past, present and future. So is time travel from one event to the other or rather I should say from one point of time to another point of time possible? Now looking towards the technological condition we presently have then it is not possible. The world’s one of the most finest brain i.e. Albert Einstein stated that time travel may be possible through the theory of special relativity. He said that faster an object moves slower the time for object becomes and the object will be in the future relative to a stationary observer. On the other hand Stephen Hawking said that future time travel is possible but past time travel may only and only possible by a time machine. Einstein said that past time travel may be possible through the theory of general relativity.

Actually time machine is a hypothetical device and many think that through this time travel is possible. Have you ever thought that from where this time travel got famous? Actually time travel was popularized by H.G Wells’s novel ‛The Time Machine.’ He was the one who popularized this hypothetical device. And yes time travel is a very recognized concept in philosophy and fiction. But it is still uncertain about physical time travel. Some scientist even say that an attempt even may be fatal.

Another concept of time travel is through wormholes. Basically a wormhole is a tunnel like a connection through space-time. Well there is no experimental evidence of a wormhole. It is only a theoretical concept. But there are scientist who believe this theoretical concept.

To Einstein time is an illusion, time is the forth dimension. He said that it can vary for different observers. Time speeds up or slows down depending upon how you move relative to something else. Travelling to an arbitrary point in space time is usually connected through quantum mechanics or wormholes.

There is even a famous ‘Grandfather Paradox’ which states that a person goes back in time and kills his parents or grandfather. So he is never born or his life is forever altered. Sounds weird? Yes it sounded me weird too. Why will anyone do this?

If we see then we all are doing time travel. We are moving from past to present and then to future and continuously moving. For example you are under a bad situation be it career, health, wealth etc. But somehow you face it, after facing you try to move on from that situation and start living a happy life. You are continuously moving forward with time. So this can be the case where you are moving from past to present and then to future.

Well I think time may not be real. It is constructed by we humans to differentiate between now and perception of our past. It is an ongoing sequence of events taking place, events from the past to present and then to future. But there is an ease for us to know how many years, months, days, weeks or hours have passed. And time travel is similar to movement between different points in space- time by an object or a person.

We may get a conclusion that current technology cannot make us experience time travel but the day is not far when we will all be able to do time travel. And there are real saints who just close there eyes and know about the future, the cause of the current situation from past. So are they doing time travel just by closing their eyes? They actually have got the siddhi, spiritual powers. Yes our science is also unable to answer these questions, not even the finest brains in the field of science.

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